Value judgments of a persons moral and ethical behavior

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Philosophical Problems With Moral Relativism

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Moral Judgment: Characteristics, Types, Examples

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Kant's Moral Philosophy

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Value Quotes

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Bioethics. Bioethics is a rather young academic inter-disciplinary field that has emerged rapidly as a particular moral enterprise against the background of the revival of applied ethics in the second half of the twentieth century.

Rudolf Otto () Using Jakob Fries's epistemological scheme of Wissen, Glaube, and Ahndung, "Understanding, Belief, and Aesthetic Sense," (to use Kent Richter's translation), Ruldolf Otto expands the meaning of Ahndung beyond the merely aesthetic by introducing the category of numinosity, which is the quality of sacred or holy objects, persons, or experiences in religion.

The foundation of ethical decision-making involves choice and balance; it is a guide to discard bad choices in favor of good ones. Therefore, in making ethical decisions, one of the first questions to consider is 'what a reasonable man would do in this situation?'For tougher decisions, advisors may find three rules of management helpful.

Mid Brisbane River Irrigators Inc v The Treasurer and Minister for Trade of the State of Queensland [] QSC The issue raised in this recent action before the Supreme Court was the reviewability of a decision made by the Treasurer and Attorney-General (the “QCAA Ministers”) under the auspices of the Queensland Competition Authority Act (the “QCAA”).

Ethical relativism is the thesis that ethical principles or judgments are relative to the individual or culture.

When stated so vaguely relativism is embraced by numerous lay persons and a sizeable contingent of philosophers.

Value judgments of a persons moral and ethical behavior
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Values and Ethics