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Handwriting Insights

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Handwriting Analysis

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis. (Alpha Books), McNichol, Andrea. Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work for You. (Contemporary Books), Rodgers, Vimala. Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!

(Fireside), Santoy, Claude. The ABCs of Handwriting Analysis: A Guide to Techniques and Interpretations. (Marlow and Company), How you craft letters and words can indicate more than 5, different personality traits, according to the science of graphology, also known as handwriting analysis.

To introduce students to the field, graphologist Kathi McKnight has them write She sells seashells by the seashore in cursive. Personality and The Print Writer Linda Spencer: Posted on Monday, March 03, PM Many of you are aware that more and more people are printing today rather than writing in cursive.

Handwriting Insights is a high quality deck of 64 connected, illustrated cards that teaches you handwriting analysis as you use it. Analyze handwriting in 5 minutes.

Results are worded constructively so people feel good about what you have to say. We are closing out our inventory. Although, graphology and handwriting analysis have been used for centuries to describe evaluating personality through the study of handwriting, a few distinctions have arisen in the past 50 years.

The term handwriting analysis is the umbrella term that describes all forms and theories about understanding character from handwriting. May 12,  · Forensic handwriting analysis differs from graphology, the latter of which is often used to provide insight into a person’s psychology or personality using an understanding of Author: Theresa Edwards.

Cursive handwriting analysis personality print
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Handwriting Styles: Exploring Analysis and Graphology